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The nature environment of Africa ranks among the richest regarding the biodiversity while, at the same time, to one of the most endangered in the whole world. Most of us associate African continent with savanah occupied by large mammals like elephants, girrafes, rhinoceros, hippoes, zebras, antelopes or lions, mentioned a few of many others. With few exceptions, this image of Africa can only be seen in protected areas. And yet, such statement does not apply to all protected areas. In many cases protected areas are threatened by pressure of growing population, by agriculture, illegal cutting of woods, poaching and illegal establishing of new setlements inside the national parks and nature reserves. The shape of many protected area is not optimal and the prospects are even worse. Though, there are protected areas with good quality of management where suistanable forms of ecoturism with benefits for local communities and for respective nature protection  flourish.

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Hope from Gabon

By African standards Gabon is a small country (about 3/4 of Poland or 3 times the size of Czech Republic). About 80% of the state is covered by primary or …