Why do we do it?

The nature environment of Africa ranks among the richest regarding the biodiversity while, at the same time, to one of the most endangered in the whole world. Most of us associate. African continent with savanah occupied by large mammals like elephants, girrafes, rhinoceros, hippoes, zebras, antelopes or lions, mentioned a few of many others. With few exceptions, this image of Africa can only be seen in protected areas. And yet, such statement does not apply to all protected areas. In many cases protected areas are threatened by pressure of growing population, by agriculture, illegal cutting of woods, poaching and illegal establishing of new setlements inside the national parks and nature reserves. The shape of many protected area is not optimal and the prospects are even worse. Though, there are protected areas with good quality of management where suistanable forms of ecoturism with benefits for local communities and for respective nature protection  flourish.


Our NGO, ProAfrica, wants to contribute to better management of protected areas.How do we want to achieve this? Through support of the ecotourism infrastructure, employment and incorporation of local people in this business, through support of programmes for endangered species of animals, plants and nature habitats. We would like to present both, the beauty and fragility of ecological values of African landscapes. For some, Africa may seem too distant and problems of this continent may as well not be the focal point of their interest. We think differently. Biodiversity is our common heritage, and it is our responsibility to help to protect it in countries, to which biodiversity matters, but where economic and other constraints do not enable its protection. Futhermore, the mass migration of people from African countryside to big cities and to developped countries worldwide has become a well known phenomena associated with lots of risks. We are realistic, we cannot save the world. Therefore we will focus on a support of particular pilot projects. We want to raise financial resources for these projects.


Who we are

Pro Africa NGO was established in 2012 with an aim to contribute to conservation of
unique African nature environment and to support suistanable forms of its use.

This NGO was founded by reknown Czech environmentalists, scientists and Africa lovers.


Prof. Dr. Bedřich Moldan

Chairman (The Minister of Enviroment of the Czech Republic




Ass.prof..Dr. Ladislav Miko

(The Minister of Environment of the Czech Republic in 2009)



Dr. Libor Ambrozek

(The Minister of Environment 2002-2006, The Chairman of Czech Union for
Nature Conservation)



Prof. Dr. Vladimír Bejček

(The Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech
University of Life Sciences, Prague)



Dr. Iveta Pelcová

(High school teacher)



Dr.František Pelc

 Vice-Chairman (Deputy Minister of Environment 2008-2010, Director
of Nature Conservancy Agency of the Czech Republic)