Challenges Facing Gabon’s Conservation Efforts

In August 2023, I had the privilege of exploring Gabon’s two exquisite national treasures, Loango and Lopé National Parks. My journey was truly awe-inspiring. The Agency for National Parks  exceptional dedication was evident in the immaculate upkeep of both national parks. In Loango, the ecotourism facilities exceeded all expectations, perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding wilderness.

We were fortunate to observe a diverse range of endangered species, including forest elephants, forest buffalos, lowland gorillas, slender-nosed crocodiles, and many others. Forest logging in the vicinity of the national parks adhered to stringent regulations, with each log receiving certification. Upon our return to the Czech Republic, we received the unsettling news of a military coup that nullified the outcomes of both the presidential and parliamentary elections. While I may not have the expertise to assess the political and social factors surrounding this event, I find it essential to acknowledge the long-standing commitment of the previous government, led by the former president, to the conservation of our national parks and the preservation of our beautiful natural environment. I hold hope that the new government will carry forward these positive efforts. The path ahead remains uncertain.

Please allow us to share some captivating images from our journey.   









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