Kidepo Valley National Park – A Remote Ugandan Wilderness

This national park lies in northern Uganda on the boundary with South Sudan. It is one of the most important protected areas in Uganda and relatively underrated African national park. The moist or semi-arid Sudan-Guinea savanna linked the central and western part of the continent is a home to a lot of rare species of mammals and birds. The atmosphere of true wilderness is amazing. In Kidepo Valley, you can watch the elephants (the total population is approx. 600 animals), buffaloes (more than 7,000), lions (more than 100), rare maineless zebras (Equus quagga borensis) with a population of around 200 pieces, elands, Uganda kob, Nubian or Rothschild’s Giraffes (more than 70), ostriches (more than 100 – very rare in Uganda, btw.), Jackson hartebeest  (more than 1,500), cheetahs (between 10-20, this park being the only national park in Uganda with permanent occurrence) and a lot of others. Sometimes, it is possible to meet white eared kob from South Sudan (we were lucky, and we watched 1 white-blue coloured male!). The surrounding area is extensively cultivated and less populated. For the support of migration of mammals, the Karenga Community Wildlife Area, connected to the national park from the south, is vitally important. The black rhinos were made extinct by poachers more than 35 years ago, and watching wild dogs has been, for many years, nearing to 0.  Two camps are located inside the park (one of them is a luxury) and three others are on the southwestern boundary of the national park. There is only one thing that would be out of the positive description – the  new medium high line of electricity with pylons  leading through the wilderness of a national park without clear purpose. The quality of roads was improved, and you can reach this national park after approx. 6 hours of driving from Murchisson Falls National Park.


Kidepo Valley NP – Rotschild s Giraffe
Kidepo Valey NP- lioness
Eguis zebra borensis – Maneless Zebra
Kidepo Valley NP – pristine wilderness







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