The Covid-19 pandemic denudes the issue of a long-term underfinancing of African protected areas

According to the Green Deal, a new European Commission’s Strategy (2020), it is necessary to create a more efficient system of support of protected areas (PAs), establish their adequate protection, and aim at sustainable use of natural ecosystems in developing countries. A special focus should be devoted to Africa (mainly its sub-Saharan part), because of its huge importance to global ecosystem, biodiversity and social and economic development. Covid-19 crisis revealed a necessity to create a sustainable model of financing of African protected areas with an incorporation of economic interests of local communities and related regional development. An estimate of the funds required for an adequate management of 1 ha of protected area is around USD 400.

A new model should be based on three basic pillars. There should be a general agreement between the governments of developing countries and the EU (or other developed countries). The first pre-condition is that the proposed system of financing of PAs will count on a responsible share of the budget by local governments (10-30% contribution for essential operational budget of the PA). The second pillar would be connected to a special purpose payment supporting the ecosystem services relating to natural habitats constituting a part of the PA (from semi-arid habitats through savannas and swamps to forests). That would cover 30-60 % of the operational budget for the PA.  And the last pilar will aim at the aid programmes supporting the development of eco-tourism facilities and the follow-up services involving the local communities as stakeholders in nature protection and sustainable regional development. There shall be a condition to partly reinvest the means into the management of PAs in order to reach the 100% demand (that would correspond to 10-50 %). For a general protection of natural habitats that play an important role in the reduction of negative impacts of climate change and biodiversity and for a decrease in the speed of conversion of the naturally valuable land into the ecologically less valuable land out of the PAs, a basic contribution for ecosystem services would be established. The decision on how to use the contribution would depend on the decision of particular governments.

The Ivan Dejmalˇs Foundation For Nature Conservation ( Czech Republic) supported creation of two new boreholes with  drinking water dedicated for anti-poaching unit of rangers in Kafue National Park managed by Musekese Conservation (NGO) and govermental  DNPW  (2020).












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