Focus of our support

I.  We want to present African protected areas as unique phenomena with
importance for the biodiversity of species and habitat and for regional
development as well as local economic prosperity.

II.  We want to design and develop eco touristic infrastructure. We want to build or
support an ecologically oriented camp. To make its operation fe as able, we will train
local people in management. We will also support rangers and guides of national parks.

III.  We want to support the research of ecosystems and African biodiversity and
coexistence of protected areas and local communities.

IV.  We will prepare management plans for existing protected areas and proposals
for the new protected areas. We will establish the new areas and secure their


Financial donation could be sent to our bank account.

IBAN: CZ30 0300 0000 0002 5565 1972



You can support us donating with a use of Visa or Mastercard
payment method (or by Pay Pal).

You could choose the type of projects you would like to support ( I.
or II. or III. or IV).

 (Enter the number of your selected project in your payment note, pleas)

Please, select the amount of your support: (od 100 Kč do 50.000 Kč)



After your financial support we will issue a receipt for your payment. This receipt can be used for tax deduction when processing your annual tax report.

There are other ways you can support us. One of the possible ways may be sending us your testament. Another way could be a support of our activities with a donation of suitable materials that can be used for non-profit activities within African territory or you can support us through ordering our advertised publications.





Our supporters are:


Golden donors (i.e. donation amounting CZK 25,000 or more):

Roman Rákosník, Petr Pudil, Pavel Kotásek, Kateřina a Michal Daňkovi, František Pelc

Silver donors (donation of CZK 10,000-25,000.)

L. Miko, J. Zeman, V.Ladýř, P.Pešek, O.Hunl, L.Čížek, R.Bohnish, J.Chudoba,M.Plíšek

Bronze donors (donation of CZK5,000-10,000)

Z.Linhart, L.Stellova,

Kind donors (donation of less then CZK5,000)

P.Klápště, V.Hájek, V. Formánek, J.Plesnik, J.Jelínková and many others




Projects we already supported


1. Publishing of educational postcards for use by Kasanka NP – Kasanka
Trust (Zambia).

2. Publishing of educational postcards for use by NP South Luangwa –
Zikomo Ecocamp (Zambia).

3. In cooperation with Ivan Dejmal Foundation for Nature Protection we
funded the operation of anti-poaching patrols in Kasanka NP (Kasanka

4.We are preparing educational postcards for Tembe Elephant Park
(Tembe Lodge) operated by local Tembe tribe in South Africa.

5. We are preparing a book on Africa called Africa, the Vanishing
Heritage (2019). The net proceeds of the sale will be allocated to the
support of ProAfrica projects.